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Don’t delay dealing with debt… legally reduce it by as much as 81% using government legislation


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Worrying about how you’ll get by in the coming months?

Any one of us can be left feeling & wondering how to break the cycle of money worries and debt.

Whether you’re facing redundancy, reduced earnings or the prospect of applying for Government support, these are concerning and unprecedented times.  Businesses across the UK are closing their doors, entire industries have been shaken to the core and many people are finding themselves looking for debt solutions – thousands of which are already ahead in turning to government legislated method to write of up to 81% of unaffordable debt.

The last thing you need is the stress of existing debts to keep you up at night- when this simple method could allow you to reduce debts to one affordable monthly payment and freeze interest rates and charges.

Council tax?

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Lower Income, More Bills?

Although many households are dealing with the prospect of reduced income over the next few months, you still have to find a way to keep a roof over your head and food on the table for your family.

Your priorities are making sure everyone’s safe and well, keeping the kids entertained and well-fed.

And with more time spent at home comes the inevitable cost of keeping the heating & lighting on.It all adds up.

It all adds up.

In a recent survey, 62% of people struggling with council debt were threatened with court action, and 51% were threatened with the bailiffs. The numbers increase daily.


You Can’t Delay Dealing With Debt!

At the moment, it feels like life’s been put on pause.  The streets have fallen quiet, shops have closed their doors and bars and restaurants are shut.  In many ways, time is standing still.

You might even have been offered the option of pressing pause on your everyday outgoings, like your mortgage, council tax or your credit card payments.  You may have the choice to extend your overdraft by a few hundred pounds or join the thousands that are already writing of 81% of their debt – using government legislation.

Payment holidays force you to decide: do you do without now, or do you do without later? Because while taking a break from payments can be tempting, this only delays the inevitable.

Unfortunately, you can’t press pause on debt. The only way to stop it is to deal with it and use simple method to reduce debts into one affordable monthly payment.


It’s Time To Take Back Control

When things get back to business as usual, you’ll want to know you’re getting your life on track, once and for all, without the lingering worry of debt. It’s time to:

  • Start again, take action and seek professional debt help
  • Free yourself and your family from the stresses of debt with a suitable debt solution today
  • Write off up to 81% of your debt
  • Make a fresh start – with no more hassle from people you owe money to


Isn’t it time you took control and stopped debt in its tracks?


Don’t Just Be A Number On A Credit Report…

You need to do this now.

You have had enough sleepless nights.

Give yourself some breathing space.

Take this chance to get back on your feet – sort out you debt worries today!


What’s your employment status?



Zero Hour Contract




Nobody Plans To Be In Debt

But sometimes, debt can creep up on you. A credit card here, a missed car repayment there. With everything that’s going on in life just now, it can be easy to miss payments and bills. Or to think if you ignore the problems, they might just go away.

Maybe you tried to do something about it, and it didn’t work – You’re not alone thousands of people are already qualifying to write off up to 81% of their debts today – Meaning no more calls and letters from people they owe money to.

It’s a difficult, frustrating time for everyone, let alone those carrying the burden of debt.

You might have considered declaring yourself bankrupt. But you want to keep your house, your car and everything else you have worked so hard to get. Besides, becoming bankrupt will cost you even more money (£680!)

So many of the solutions out there involve compromises. Wouldn’t it feel amazing to know that you’re dealing with the root problem, once and for all? – Start today and get free debt advice.


Use This Time To Take Control

Just think how much better you’d feel if you could…

  • Write off debts over £5,000
  • Stop interest and charges from soaring
  • Lower your bills to one affordable monthly payment
  • Stop pressure and hassle from creditors


Here’s the good news: this is all possible, it’s perfectly legal, and there’s no need to wait to take action. You can do something about your debt. Today. When the world slows and life hits a slower pace, it’s easy to stick your head in the sand and ignore your troubles. Or, you can take this opportunity to take action. To protect your family, your house and your car. More importantly, to protect your quality of life. Take this opportunity to significantly reduce your debts, by as much as 81%. Know that it’s possible to.

It’s time for a fresh start…


You Need A Real Solution, And You Need It Now!

Imagine your relief if you could:

  • Stop the phone from ringing every four hours
  • Stop the bailiffs knocking on your door – stopping the risk of their massive charges
  • Stop the late payment charges being added to your debt
  • Stop the interest charges from making your debt any bigger
  • Stop the CCJs from being added to your credit score every month

Luckily, for you, this is all possible.


Act NOW, Don’t Let The Debt Get Any Bigger

But, you need to act now.

Your debts are not going to disappear. The bailiffs will keep coming. The creditors will keep ringing. The CCJs, late payment charges and interest will keep mounting up.

If you ignore this warning YOU CAN LOSE EVERYTHING. You can lose your house, your car, EVERYTHING.

On the other hand (if you take this warning seriously) you can protect your family, your house, your car. More importantly, you can protect your quality of life.

The process is fast, quick and easy. (Thousands of people like you have already done it):

  • Simply complete the easy quiz now.
  • See if you qualify to write off up to 81% of your debts.
  • Take back control of your life
  • You will stop your debt getting any larger through unfair costs and additions
  • You can protect your credit rating
  • … and start living stress-free!

Best of all, once you take back control of your finances, you can take back control of your life…


Act NOW, Don’t Let The Debt Get Any Bigger

The process is fast, quick and easy. (Thousands of people like you have already done it):

  1. Simply complete the easy quiz now.
  2. See if you qualify to write off up to 75% of your debts.
  3. Take back control of your life
  4. Sit back and start living your stress-free life


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